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We like to keep busy at The Coat & Badge so there’s always plenty going on, check our calendar here for the latest news and you can follow us on Twitter @CoatandBadgeSW for up-to-the-minute news and special deals.

What's a Sunday without a roast?

August 20th 2017 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

We don't know either. Just to make sure everyone gets their fair share of Sundayness every weekend, we serve roast all day! So don't worry about missing it, if the night before was a little too much. We've got your back.


August 20th 2017 - 5.15PM - 7.15PM

It's the penultimate Sunday Sessions so what better opportunity to come and support the thriving local talent that Putney has to offer!

National Burger Day

August 24th 2017 - 12.00PM - 10.00PM

Join us on 'National Burger Day' yet again for the fifth year running.
From the earthy goodness you'd expect in a veggie burger.
To the juicy flavours hidden within our beef patties.
We'll be offering more options than the norm.

Music Weekender & Final Sunday Sessions

August 26th 2017 - 4.30PM - 4.30PM

As it's the bank holiday, and the grand finale of the Sunday Sessions we've decided to treat everyone to a live music double this weekend.
That means live music, pop up bars and, hopefully, sunshine!

The Mega Mojito Masterclass

August 31st 2017 - 7.30PM - 9.00PM

Let the guys from Havana guide you through the history, production and tasting
of one of Cuba’s greatest and most treasured exports.
Learn the key points that make Havana Club unique in an interactive demonstration.
Book your spot now and fill your evening with something exciting and different.

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